At InsideOut Windows we use nothing but the best. We use water fed poles that can reach up to four/five stories high. This means that our feet don't leave the ground a we can clean a window on the forth/fifth floor. This totally eliminates the risk of falling from a height. Making the job safer for both me, you and members of the public near by. This also means that on those quite windy days when its too unsafe to be up a ladder. We can still clean your windows using our water fed poles. The pure water systems we use produces 100% pure, laboratory grade water. This means that when a window is cleaned properly. The window is not only left clean but sterile, and after the final rinse it will dry streak and spot free. Unlike the old fashioned way using a bucket of soapy water and a squidgy. The soapy residue left on the window can attract dirt straight away. So getting your windows cleaned by InsideOut will give you longer lasting results.